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MATTY CORBY Returns with Joyous New Single ‘No Ordinary Life’

Australian musician Matt Corby is back with uplifting new track, No Ordinary Life.

Following the release of his critically-acclaimed 2016’s debut album Telluric, we are finally served with a first taste of Matt Corby‘s forthcoming sophomore effort.

Inspired by Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory and a new found sense of balance and purpose – a result of experiencing fatherhood for the first time, No Ordinary Life is a kaleidoscopic palette of sounds. Built upon abundant textures, the track feels spacious in its beautiful simplicity. Finding extraordinary in ordinary moments, Matt Corby brings swirling melodies and blissful vocals together to shape a tale that will soothe your soul.

Matt elaborates:

For some reason when you say Willy Wonka, it sets a mood, this magical, hyper-melodic, crooning, beautiful thing, a journey into the whimsical. We tried to make this song and a few others in that vein – as joyous as possible, which is definitely a change to what I used to do.

‘No Ordinary Life’ is really just a reminder that even though we have all found our way to some form of monotony and formula in our general living, we are all powerful, interesting creatures that are all living completely separate experiences, all within the same relative time – and that in itself is extraordinary.