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Daily Archives: August 14, 2018

ELINA Stuns with New Single ‘Here With Me’

There’s an emotional honesty in the latest single released by Elina that will strike a chord within you. Releasing her second single, Here With Me, Elina puts the truth of our emotions into music to be shared by all. Opening with a wistful piano, it serves

Ten Fe

TEN FÉ Return with New Single ‘Not Tonight’

Expansive and cinematic, Not Tonight is the soaring new single from Ten Fé. Not Tonight is the latest single from Ten Fé, and it showcases their work in the studio as a newly created quintet. Uplifting electronics bring in the listener, before rousing piano chords join in. A story-telling


Fresh from the release of their second album Love And Loathing, Aussie outfit With Confidence discuss modern romance, first dates and moving forward in our latest Q&A. Having just rounded off the final, full cross-country run of the Vans Warped Tour, we hit Jayden with

4 Creative Ways for Artists to Spread Their Sound

No matter what kind of musical artist you might be, chances are you’re focused on getting your sound out as much as possible. You could be someone who’s just considering trying to make it in music, someone who’s got a small following and is looking

DAN LANCASTER Releases Debut Solo Track ‘Move A Mountain’

UK singer/songwriter and Grammy-nominated producer Dan Lancaster has unveiled phenomenal debut single Move A Mountain. Exceptional technical pop with sultry electro twists, that’s what we get from London-based singer/songwriter and producer Dan Lancaster on his debut solo track, Move A Mountain. Demonstrating refined and neat production