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Daily Archives: August 30, 2018


ARLIE Announce Debut EP ‘Wait’

The Nashville band Arlie have graced us with yet another blissful tune, barcelona boots. Arlie have confirmed details of their forthcoming debut EP, Wait, which will be released on September 19th. As another treat the band have shared barcelona boots, a marvellous pop tune that flows

Barns Courtney 2018

BARNS COURTNEY Reveals New Single ’99’

Musing on childhood memories, the latest single from Barns Courtney is a trip down memory lane.  We all remember the days when we were younger and more carefree, and often this recollection is accompanied by a feeling of nostalgia. Barns Courtney definitely remembers those days, and

Interview // WSTR

Ahead of the release of their new album Identity Crisis this Friday, WSTR reflect on their journey as a band in our latest Q&A. With their new album Identity Crisis being just around the corner, we hit Sammy with some questions about conformity and identity in

Album Review // THE KOOKS ‘Let’s Go Sunshine’

Making a bold statement about who they are, The Kooks re-define themselves on their highly anticipated fifth album Let’s Go Sunshine. When people mention The Kooks, you can immediately picture a guitar-driven British pop, and the band only act to cement this signature sound on their fifth album Let’s