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ELINA Stuns with New Single ‘Here With Me’

There’s an emotional honesty in the latest single released by Elina that will strike a chord within you.

Releasing her second single, Here With Me, Elina puts the truth of our emotions into music to be shared by all.

Opening with a wistful piano, it serves as the main accompaniment throughout and acts as a perfect pair to Elina’s tender vocals. The first verse is carefully placed, with every word and every piano chord matched to pierce you with its all too relatable feeling. The emotion pours over in the sentimental chorus, as the harmony swells whilst Elina cries out “Why make things complicated when we could stay like that?”. Underneath the begging “Baby for once, be with me”, there’s a picture of an emotionally vulnerable person that we can all mould to our own experiences. Warm electronics flood the bridge to create an ambient soundscape, before it drops out to expose piano and vocals, leaving a poignant finale.

Elina explains:

Something I’m trying to remind myself of every single day is to appreciate the present. It’s hard. It’s the most challenging thing for almost everyone today, I think. The song turned out being a friendly reminder for me, of being present and not taking things for granted.