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OMAR APOLLO Shares Touching New Track ‘Friends’

Stripping back to an acoustic guitar, the newest track from Omar Apollo showcases his more tender side.

Omar Apollo 2019

Mexican-American musician Omar Apollo is sure to snatch your breath with his newest track Friends, which will form part of his Friends EP that will be released on April 10th. Alongside Friends, the EP will feature previous singles Ashamed and Trouble, with all three tracks showcasing a different side of Omar. With this in mind, it would be fair to say that Friends brings to the forefront a more docile character with its soft strumming and gentle crooning.

Gently carrying you on a lulling melody, the tempo is slowed down to allow the sweet high notes of the guitar to cradle you in their rocking. The breathy falsetto harmonies ring out like honey and holds within its airy texture a weight of nostalgia and restlessness, as Omar sensitively sings of the restlessness of being young and the disconnect between him and the one he loves. Wearing his heart on his sleeve and letting his guards down, he allows the listener into his deepest musings as he sings ‘I can’t pretend that I don’t feel this ‘cause if I don’t it’ll leave me depressed’. It’s a track that will definitely make you feel every part of his heartache and leave you feeling tender and exposed, but no one can ever resist a sad love song.

Catch Omar at his London headline date in the summer.


18 – London, Village Underground