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Artist Of The Week // KWASSA

With a youthful vibrancy tinging all of his tracks, there’s no way you can’t love the bouncy pop melodies from kwassa.

kwassa 2019

London-based kwassa certainly has a penchant for penning exuberant melodies that serve as the perfect sonic cocktail to accompany you into this transition into warmer weather. And even if the weather outside isn’t quite as warm as one would wish for it to be, kwassa’s music will leave you with a fire in your heart that can make up for it.

Recently releasing his debut EP fka kyko under this moniker, it’s four tracks of infectious pop that covers a spectrum of R&B influences in woozy to the groovy euphoria of moonwalking. Whilst better simply demands you to dance along to the syncopated bass and flittering electronics, sad songs will touch you with its wistful lyricism that’s carefully hidden under a playful demeanour.

Speaking about the EP, kwassa says:

I’ve titled the ep ‘fka kyko’ because I want to make it really clear that the name change is more of an evolution than a departure from when i released under kyko. sonically the sound has progressed a lot but it’s also got a lot of the elements & feels that tie it back to the kyko releases – I’m still inspired by all of the same things as I was. I worked with a mix of previous & new writers on the ep too – lostboy did some production throughout which kind of glues it all together really well for me, and i’m a big fan of fyfe’s music so it was cool to work with him on sad songs.

Having fallen head over heels for the EP (you would be lying if you said you felt otherwise), we got in touch to discuss go-to dance moves at parties and the evolution into kwassa.

What’s a motto you live by?

work a job you love so it never really feels likes work.

If your sound had a colour, what colour would it be and why?

yellow cos it’s upbeat but chill & kinda sunny. plus I wear a yellow beanie most days.

If you could set the tracks of the EP to a movie, which movie would it be the soundtrack to?

I’d stick it onto call me by your name, maybe just because it’s the most beautiful looking movie. or any coming of age movie, seeing as it’s about growing up.

In woozy, you sing ‘the way we do it’s like a movie’; what would be a movie you would love to live in?

something where I can be bill murray – maybe lost in translation.

Taking inspiration from the name moonwalking, what’s your go-to dance move at a party?

finding a crowded spot to awkwardly hold a drink while nodding to a beat.

What’s a sad song you turn to when you need one?

bon iver – re: stacks

When explaining sad songs, you mentioned that you wanted to explore new places – what’s are the top 3 places you want to explore at the moment?


costa rica

new york

You mentioned that fka kyko reflected that kwassa was more of an evolution rather than a departure – what would you say is the biggest difference between kwassa and kyko?

probably stronger lyrics and a more personal take on them. also an attempt to experiment more musically and a departure from a completely live sound.

And finally, slightly cliché but what does music mean to you?

for someone fairly reserved like me, music is a chance to put all my energy and expression into, and a chance to let creativity run!

Catch kwassa at his upcoming headline show at London’s Borderline on May 23rd.