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MAX RAD Shares New Single ‘String On Me’

Feel yourself simply dissolve into the newest track from MAX RAD, as it encapsulates you with its sultry, synth laden hooks.

Max Rad 2019

South London’s MAX RAD releases his new track String On Me, an exploration into the anxieties that accompany our daily life that simultaneously makes your anxieties disappear from its lulling melody. Following a recent sold out show at London’s Camden Assembly, the track was written, produced and mixed by Max in his South London home studio.

Almost hypnogogic in its nature, the chilled back beats set a soulful stage for Max’s moody vocals and gently wraps around you with the stirring electronics. Max says of the track:

I was feeling pretty sick of living in the city and the lyrics came out of that, the feeling of boredom that comes with feeling stressed the whole time.

These feelings are clearly brought to the surface through lyrics like ‘I find it hard to breathe, something in the water, I can’t stand this city no more’ in the chorus, whilst gentle vocals underneath repeatedly chant ‘round and round and round’ hypnotically. Allowing all of his pent up frustration and anxiety to bubble forward in this track, there’s something soothing to be found in this honesty as it’s something we’ve all felt at some point in our lives.