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THE KOOKS Unveil New Single ‘Got Your Number’

Doing what they do best, The Kooks are back with another indie banger in the form of Got Your Number.

The Kooks 2019

Brighton four-piece The Kooks have released their newest single Got Your Number and if that’s not an indication that summer (and festival season) is coming, then I’m not sure what else could act as an indicator. Filled with swathes of tropical rhythms and heart-on-sleeve lyricism that has made much of the world fall at the band’s feet, Got Your Number sees The Kooks doing what they do best whilst constantly bringing in new ideas that keeps listeners hooked in.

Relationships, and particularly the feelings that accompany the end of one, are never easy and that’s the gist of this single. Working through the conflicting emotions of being dumped, the stinging bite of the verses are mellowed out by the woozy choruses as we move from post-breakup bitterness to longing romanticism. The staccato riffs that open the track jabs right into you, as vocalist Luke Pritchard jeers ‘So you thought you could live without me’, as strutting riffs of the bass puts on a show of confidence before it all melts into an old-school warmth in the chorus, and hazy falsettos elevate you to a dreamlike trance. It doesn’t last for long before you get pulled back down by the stabbing riffs of the verse, and this dichotomy throughout the track keeps the listeners hooked on a ride that’s engaging both sonically and emotionally.

Catch the band live on their upcoming festival dates.


30 – London, Community Festival


12 – Manchester, Sound of The City

14 – Glasgow, TRNSMT Festival