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OSCAR SCHELLER Unveils Collaboration with Lily Allen

The result is the gloriously infectious, summer pop jam 1%

Oscar Scheller & Lily Allen 2019

What do you get when you combine one of Britain’s rising talents with one of its established artists? An irresistible ear-worm that blends the cute with an unfiltered honesty, as evidenced by the newest track from Oscar Scheller featuring Lily Allen.

1% is the lead single to be lifted from Oscar’s upcoming sophomore project HTTP404, which sees Oscar working with a spectrum of artists from the UK. With an almost childish tone in the introductory melody, the dainty accompaniment juxtaposes against Oscar’s yearning and forlorn vocals as he sings of wanting to receive a message before his phone dies – the joys of modern technological struggles. Lily’s docile vocals complement the bubbly electronics, and both artists come together in the chorus in a mellifluous harmony.

Explaining the inspiration behind the track, Oscar says:

I wrote this song after getting reaaaally lost in the suburbs of Stockholm on my way back from the studio cause my phone died. 1% Physically or emotionally. It was inspired mostly by a conversation I was having with a girl who was taking ages to reply when I was on 1%. Then I made friends with Lily and thought she’d sound really good on it which she does 😉