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Dark and brutally honest, BLOODLUST marks a step up in nothing, nowhere.’s sound evolution.

nothing, nowhere. bloodlust 2019

With his signature genre-crossing style and two studio albums to his name, nothing, nowhere. has already cemented his position as one of the most exciting artists on the scene. Taking this further with his collaborative new EP with Travis Barker, BLOODLUST sees Joe soar even higher as he opens his craft to new sonic possibilities. Never one to hide away from his inner demons, he once again delves into the depths of his mind and soul, exploring life and love in all of its forms through an amalgamation of vibrant textures, innovative techniques, and piercing lyricism.

Balancing on the verge of emo-punk and pop sensibilities, and with a perceptive, sharp hip-hop flow, nothing, nowhere. sets the bar higher with every song he releases. Asking “So how am I supposed to feel?”, DESTRUCTION makes for an explosive opening, hitting us with introspective lyrics and rapid shifts in the tone of the verse and chorus that are sure to set your heart racing. What’s more, Travis’ drum work is simply excellent throughout the EP, adding a dramatic quality to it and building up the tension and surging emotions behind every song.

There’s a spine-tingling feel to TRUE LOVE. Whether it’s the sleek guitar lines, or the groovy bass, or the drum beats that drive the track forward, there’s something about the sound that keeps expanding along with the attention of the listener. With the words “You’re the knife I used to drag across my veins / You’re the gun that sends the bullet to my brain”, Joe’s brazen lyrical precision and metaphorical expression makes the track truly stand out.

BEAUTIFUL LIFE brings quite an ironic twist. Contrasting bright instrumentals with hopeless lyrics, the singalong chorus “Lalalala, what a beautiful life” quickly collides with the brutal truth, as we hear the words: “Every day it’s getting harder / I wanna give up, start over.” Next, we’ve got a multi-layered heartbreaking love anthem BACK2YOU featuring blackbear. Full of passion and sentiment, the song will tug at your heartstrings before the drum solo in the bridge reaches the climax.

Gaining momentum with yet another confession in LIFE EATER, we come full circle as Joe confronts his pain and despair once more. With atmospheric electronics, it’s a slow-burner that proves nothing, nowhere. as a versatile musician.

I would like to tell you that there is at least one track that brings out the light in the dark. But the truth is that there is not. As its title may suggest, BLOODLUST is dark and heavy, but so is life sometimes. It doesn’t mean that we should stop searching for the good. You never know what might lead to catharsis. Let’s hope it’s music.