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Artist Of The Week // MILLIE TURNER

Exuding individuality and a personal charisma on her recent EP Hide+Seek, Millie Turner is about to be the sound to all of your sweetest dreams, honest woes, and everything mundane in between.

Millie Turner 2019

Hackney-born musician Millie Turner strips away any hint of pretence in her sophomore EP Hide+Seek. Despite her tender age, her music carries an emotional maturity and weariness that comes only with those who have been through life’s hardships, but have made it onto the other side. Bringing seven tracks of melancholic and delicate vocals that gently whisper afloat a bed of evocative electronics, Millie crafts an alluring sonic world that will entice you in and keep you there with its magnetic charm.

Opening track January creates a gentle groove and sets a candid tone for the EP. Explaining more of the track, Millie says:

‘January’ represents an idea for me, a time where there’s this internal pressure to do more, be more, start again, relive your life, forget that you’re human. In reality I’m a mess and make mistakes all the time and this song is a parody for the reality that January brings. Take me to January, where I can make more mistakes and live like a normal human growing and self improving in my own way. In the meantime I will spill the milk.

The spoken vocals of Only Me draw upon a closely-held intimacy, increasing the affinity between the listener and the artist, before the lilting Hide+Seek seamlessly creeps in. Feeling captivated by the artist, we spoke with Millie more about the EP and her recent collaboration with fashion brand H&M.

What’s a motto you live by?

To live in the now.

If your sound had a colour, what colour would it be and why?

It would be dark brown coz it’d be a mix of all colours.

If you could set the ‘Hide+Seek’ EP to a movie, which movie would it be the soundtrack to?


How did the collaboration with H&M come about? What made you want to collaborate with them on this?

I love clothes and expressing myself through what I wear. This was an opportunity I could do that and connect to others.

Were there any surprises, pleasant or unpleasant, that you encountered whilst recording the EP? 

We’d run out of biscuits and it’d b stressful.

What’s your fondest memory of recording the EP?

Finishing recording hide + seek was really special, I cried at the end. Recording gets emotional.

And finally, what does music mean to you?

It’s sounds that make you feel immensely in ways you can’t comprehend.