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TWO WEEKS IN NASHVILLE Make Debut with ‘Don’t Give In’

A roaring firepower of a debut, Two Weeks In Nashville sure know how to introduce themselves with a bang.

Two Weeks In Nashville 2019

South London rockers Two Weeks In Nashville are a name that you should get familiar with; their debut release Don’t Give In marks them as a promising talent with an abundance of fervour and vigour, twinged with a nostalgic hark at the roaring rock sound of the ‘60s and ‘70s that gives them a bigger-than-life character. Even before the track was released, the trio managed to sell out London’s Camden Assembly, and if that isn’t enough to demonstrate the potential and captivating charisma of the band, then Don’t Give In will surely change your mind.

Guiding you in with a lulling opening, the softness of acoustic guitars accompanying vocalist and guitarist Billy LeRiff’s dulcet tones doesn’t linger for long before searing electric guitars and soaring melodies take over for a glorious showdown of dazzling instrumentals and thrilling spirits. Explaining the optimistic lyricism of the track, Billy says:

It was written from a place of feeling down and out. It’s a reminder that no matter how you feel now, you can always get out of that hole. The song’s about remembering that and trying to inject some hope and positivity.