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KALEO Return With ‘I Want More’ and ‘Break My Baby’

Sharing their first new music in over 3 years, KALEO remind us just how sorely we’ve missed them.


The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming; at least that’s the image created in your head as you listen to the new singles from KALEO. The Grammy-nominated Icelandic rock band unveil their first new material since their 2016 breakout album A/B in the form of dual singles I Want More and Break My Baby. As if the new singles weren’t enough of a treat in themselves, the band have announced a highly-anticipated follow up album coming later this year via Elektra/Atlantic.

Disclosing more of the process behind the album, lead singer and songwriter Julius Son shares:

The songs cry out for a certain sound and then I have to go and serve the song. It was really special to create this music while traveling the world — a studio in Greece, string players in Los Angeles at Capitol Studios, sessions at Aeronaut Studios in Reykjavik, Iceland and countless hours in Nashville across Sound Emporium, Blackbird, Ocean Way and RCA’s Historic Studio A. Each session further enriching the sound and bringing their own unique elements to the surface. All that to say, I simply hope what we’ve created makes you feel something… if so, then that’s amazing

Showing off two sides to the band, the softly meandering I Want More contrasts with the more grimy, rock ‘n roll infused Break My Baby and you can’t help but marvel at the band’s versatility. Despite the differences in sound between the tracks, the band’s unmistakable character lies at the core of both and the tracks draw out two complementing sides of the band.

Speaking more of the difference in sound, Julius says:

I think that’s just me growing up as a musician and as a listener. I would get so bored if I had to do the same thing or have to be boxed in and told what to do. Artistically, there’s too many colors to just paint in black and white. So that’s just my creative process. I didn’t know that I could sing falsetto until I wrote All The Pretty Girls, and I didn’t really whistle until I wrote Automobile.