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TROPHY EYES Release New Single ‘Figure Eight’

This is huge.


Incorporating vibrant elements of modern rock and pop into their punk and hard-core roots, Trophy Eyes continue to cultivate their genre-bending take on music as they storm into 2020 with brand new material.

With choir-like moments and a thrilling sax solo adding cinematic layers and textures to the track, Figure Eight makes for a truly refreshing offering from the Aussie outfit, cementing their position as one of the most exciting acts on the scene. Balancing between punchy and poignant, Trophy Eyes’ return comes in a bold and fearless form, taking their sonic expansion and exploration, which started with their 2018’s album The American Dream, even further.

Speaking on the meaning behind the song, lead singer, John Floreani, shared:

Figure Eight is about time lost. It is the sound of a broken heart, the deafening silence of a couple once in love, and a fleeting dream told from two perspectives – one is of failure and the other of resentment. The song is about a man who had given himself entirely, still desperately grasping at straws of success and a woman left to pick up the pieces of the reality.