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DASHBOARD CONFESSIONAL Share 20 Songs for 20 Years on ‘The Best Ones Of The Best Ones’ 

To celebrate 20 years of Dashboard Confessional, the lifelong emos have returned with a hit-filled, moody-as-ever compilation album The Best Ones Of The Best Ones.

Dashboard Confessional The Best Ones Of the Best Ones 2020

Whether you are an old fan or hearing Dashboard Confessional for the first time, The Best Ones Of The Best Ones has something for everyone. For old fans and those returning to the band’s sphere, this compilation hits all the right notes. Songs from all seven studio albums, the So Impossible and The Drowning EPs, and the band’s Platinum-certified MTV Unplugged performance tickle the nostalgia chords with hits like Hands DownBelle Of The Boulevard, and Saints And Sailors.

For new listeners, Chris Carrabba’s emotive voice and cathartic lyrics paired with equally emotional guitar playing make this record an easy and enjoyable listen. With a tracklist of 20 songs spanning 20 years, there is something for everyone.

The Best Ones Of The Best Ones makes you want to pull out that acoustic guitar that’s collecting dust in the corner and cry your heart out (in the best way possible). With new music on the way, Carrabba is looking forward to connecting with fans through this trip down memory lane.

The fact that my music has had an effect on anybody’s life besides mine is so humbling, and one of the greatest parts of that has been getting to know the people who have become fans over the years. Because the thing is that people can choose your band, but it doesn’t work the other way around—you don’t get to choose your fans. I always feel so incredibly lucky these are the fans who ended up choosing us.

The Best Ones Of The Best Ones is out now.


  1. Screaming Infidelities (The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most)
    2. The Swiss Army Romance (The Swiss Army Romance)
    3. Again I Go Unnoticed (The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most)
    4. Saints and Sailors (The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most)
    5. The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most (The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most)
    6. Hands Down (So Impossible)
    7. So Impossible (So Impossible)
    8. The Best Deceptions (MTV Unplugged)
    9. The Sharp Hint Of New Tears (MTV Unplugged)
    10. The Brilliant Dance (MTV Unplugged)
    11. Drowning (The Drowning)
    12. Ghost Of A Good Thing (A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar)
    13. Don’t Wait (Dusk and Summer)
    14. Stolen (Dusk and Summer)
    15. So Long, So Long (Dusk and Summer)
    16. Vindicated (Dusk and Summer)
    17. Fever Dreams (The Shade Of Poison Trees)
    18. Belle Of The Boulevard (Alter the Ending)
    19. We Fight (Crooked Shadows)
    20. Heart Beat Here (Crooked Shadows)