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GLASS FOREST Unveil Video for ‘I Remember’

Glass Forest demonstrate how two past lovers ‘work through their emotions of being broken up while in a band together’ on their latest atmospheric single I Remember.

Glass Forest 2020

Comprising of Nick Owen and Stephen Clarke, the Vancouver indie-pop duo Glass Forest have gained a reputation for their characteristic sonics that effortlessly blend electronic dance elements with atmospheric soundscapes. Now, they have released their latest airy single I Remember featuring Abby Wale.

The track that is set to be the duo’s ‘most ambitious project to date’ is a smooth alluring melody with glorious harmonies and heavenly background synths that resemble to those of an ocean’s conch shell. Emotionally captivating vocals are delivered by storytellers and victims of the storyline, Nick and Abby who both speak their minds to tell each side of the story, before their stories collide through the chorus’ heartfelt lyrics: “Mmm I remember / The way that I held you / Thought we’d be forever / Now I’d rather forget ya.”

Speaking about their new track, Nick and Abby truthfully explained:

Sometimes our minds fill in the blanks and jealousy can get out of hand, ultimately causing our relationships to implode. […] Since two of us [Nick & Abby] had previously dated, “I Remember” was written and performed by two people actually going through this kind of situation. We tried to be as open and honest as we could throughout the writing process, as it’s written about a sensitive subject (jealousy) from two different perspectives of our past relationship. […] This song served as a way for both of us to express things left unsaid while working through our emotions of being broken up while in a band together.

Watch the visually striking music video directed by Amos Leblanc and Jordan Clarke below: