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ARRAN GEORGE Unveils New Songs ‘Horror’ & ‘The Sound’

Take a peek at Arran George’s Horror demo featuring a heavenly tranquil soundtrack.

Arran George 2020

The last decade treated the Cumbrian indie-folk singer Arran George remarkably with the release of his debut What I See On Daytime TV that quickly found his sound resembling to Bon Iver, with his heartfelt acoustic guitar songs and vivid and intimate lyrics.

The rising songwriter who writes, records, and produces all his work alone from the comforts of his bedroom has released a demo for ‘Work In Progress’, Horror that George explains:

It’s a song about losing my mind, but knowing that it’s all my own fault, not being able to do anything but feel guilty for wasting my own time.

The minimalistic alt-pop track is airy and light with a heavenly tranquil guitar work underlying Arran’s soulful meditative vocals and a very subtle distant electro drum part. To match its intriguing title Horror, the singer very intelligently made Francis Bacon’s horrid art piece as its cover work and it’s definitely worth four minutes of your day to experience it:

And for those who are still looking to further enhance their ‘chill’ weekly music playlist, you are in luck as Arran is continuing with his notable ‘Work In Progress’ demos and uploading a new track every week, including last week’s upload, The Sound.