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KNUCKLE PUCK Unveil New Single ‘Tune You Out’

Returning with a fresh vision and great dose of infectious energy, Knuckle Puck will sweep you off your feet with their huge new single Tune You Out.

Knuckle Puck 2020

One of the most prolific bands in the modern alternative and pop punk scene, Chicago’s Knuckle Puck have stormed into 2020 with their adrenaline-charged new single, Tune You Out. The track marks the band’s first new music since the release of their sophomore effort, Shapeshifter, in 2017.

Sure to set hearts racing and feet pounding, Tune You Out flourishes with mighty guitar riffs, giant choruses and a spine-tingling contrast between Joe Taylor’s emotional, punchy vocals and Nick Casasanto’s light falsetto. It is a cathartic, intense song that certainly adds more zest and texture to Knuckle Puck’s already outstanding back catalogue.

Speaking of the new release, Nick Casasanto (guitar/vocals) shares:

‘Tune You Out’ is about giving yourself and others the appropriate time and space to grow.

Currently on their headline tour across North America, Knuckle Puck will be performing at Slam Dunk Festival in May.