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Album Review // FLORA CASH ‘Baby, It’s Okay’

Flora Cash embody a spectrum full of joy, inspiration, loss, despair and hopelessness on their new album, Baby, It’s Okay.


Flora Cash Baby It's Okay 2020

A not so easy journey for the American/Swedish duo that took the humble Ed Sheeran route and started from singing on the streets and performing at open mic nights to announcing their first North American headline tour to support their newest album, Baby, It’s Okay – it’s no wonder why we made them our band of the week.

“These songs span 6 years. The oldest track was written and recorded in 2013 and the newest just last year. So many moments of ours from these past few years are captured in these tracks. Ups, downs, moments of love, joy and inspiration alongside loss, despair and hopelessness. These songs embody a spectrum. And they gave us strength and kept us going. Our greatest ambition is that these songs do that for other people too”, explain Shpresa Lleshaj and Cole Randall.

The ‘bittersweet’ album as Shpresa describes it, includes a few familiar sonics that were first introduced last year on their EP Press, such as I Wasted You, They Own This Town and of course You’re Somebody Else. Being their biggest single release to date, You’re Somebody Else is a ravishing deep acoustic ballad that managed to reach the top 10 on Billboard’s Alternative Songs chart and gained a lot of followers from being played on Netflix shows such as Locke & The Key.

Sticking to the same melancholic mellow electro sonics which seems to be working remarkably for the duo, Baby, It’s Okay is welcomed to the world with a very captivating mysterious introduction, Born In The Slumber. Featuring a heavenly vocal performance by Shpresa and slow electro pop synths that eventually evolve to a rhythmic pop drums chorus, the track is a fresh political take on today’s government corruption.

You Love Me is an enchanting minimalistic symphony of emotions ranging from the insecurities and uncertainty the duo seems to find themselves trapped in, whilst In A Little Bubble fights all those bad thoughts and reminds them that “No one else matters / No one else counts / In a little bubble / Fighting our way out.”

“Even when your back’s up against a wall / Even when you’re down, and almost out”, Flora Cash want you to remember that you are Still Alivea much needed positive and comforting note to the album with its divinely joined harmonies. And even more divinely, comes the hidden gem of For A While, with Shpresa on main vocal duty purely pouring her heart out over her acoustic guitar.

If there’s one thing you should take from Baby, It’s Okay, is that it’s truly okay to be yourself, it’s okay to raise your voice, it’s okay to be uncertain about your feelings and it’s definitely okay to sometimes just not be okay. Take it from Flora Cash themselves: “(The album) is a good life lesson that when you look back on things that have been bad, that actually you can do anything and work it through.”