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MARSHMELLO and HALSEY Release Collaboration ‘Be Kind’

Relaxing yet charmingly upbeat, Halsey and Marshmello share their empowering message of commitment in their new collaboration, Be Kind.  

Halsey Marshmello 2020

What happens when you bring two award-winning, globally-lauded musicians together? You get a hit. That’s what Marshmello and Halsey have proven on their fresh track Be Kind. Combining Halsey’s unmistakable husky, bold tones with Marshmello’s soothing, hypnotic beats, the duo’s message is equally as uplifting. As the title suggest “be kind” is the overarching message, but in the grander scheme of the song it is more specifically about trusting and being open with “the one that you love.” It is a lovingly sweet summer hit, bringing some much needed heartfelt positivity to listeners.

Speaking on the track, Marshmello said:

As soon as we finished the song, I was instantly obsessed! Halsey and I connected and were both on the same page with what we wanted the final outcome to be! And it turned out great.