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LVRA Unveils Captivating New Single ‘Wall’

Prepare to feel enchanted and struck by wanderlust with the newest single and music video from LVRA, as she guides you along on her journey across China.

LVRA 2020

Presenting a spellbinding concoction of dulcet vocals and kaleidoscopic electronics, allow yourself to fall into the dreamy escapism of LVRA (pronounced loo-rah) with her newest single Wall. Mellifluous textures blend seamlessly into one another in a hazy swirl of synths, and fluttering synths gently maintain the impetus of the track as it progresses. Nodding to her heritage, LVRA incorporates traditional Chinese instruments within her rich soundscape and creates a distinctive sonic that immediately alludes to both her creativity and her individuality. Wall is lifted off LVRA’s forthcoming debut EP, LVCID, which will be released on May 29th.

Wall was born out of a negative headspace that the artist found herself in, and she further explains:

I had sacrificed my own happiness for someone else, and only once it was over did I gradually come to realise all the walls, emotionally and creatively, that I placed around our relationship in order to protect it.

Last summer I went to China to get some space after a messy breakup. That trip made me feel so much wonder, and all the natural beauty inspired me to write this EP and finish ‘Wall’. I wanted to turn the pain that I felt into something hopeful.

LVRA’s upcoming EP feels particularly relevant amidst the current climate, and it marks an attempt by the artist to paint a positive picture of Chinese culture as the number of racist attacks on Chinese students continues to grow. It serves as a gentle reminder that no matter your nationality, your skin colour, or your culture, the emotions and experiences of life are shared and that is a valuable commonality between all of us.