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BECCA MANCARI Announces New Album ‘The Greatest Part’

The beautiful Becca Mancari has announced her new label-debut album, The Greatest Part, out June 26th via Captured Tracks with a second single, First Time.

Bacca Mancari 2020

Produced by Paramore drummer Zac Farro, the new album marks a sonic shift for Nashville-based songwriter, Becca Mancari, expanding beyond acoustic melodies and soft sonic palettes towards more intrepid synth beats and fuzzy guitar riffs. The Greatest Part is her most vulnerable work to date.

The buoyant yet incredibly heavy new single brings forth a juxtaposition of melodious vocals accompanied by Becca Mancari painful storytelling.

Speaking of First Time, Becca shares:

‘First Time’ was a song that I did not at the time have the strength to write when I started, but as soon as the first line of the song came out of me I knew there was no going back. I came out years ago, but never really told my story. When touring people started coming up to me after shows to tell me their own stories of coming out and how hard it was for many of them to do so, I wanted to write a song that not only is my story, but also a story that many others share. I wrote it from the perspective of looking back at my younger self, asking her, ‘did you find your way out?’ I don’t think you have to be queer to relate to this story though. I think a lot of us have childhood pains that we carry into our adult lives, and my hope is that when you hear this song you feel less alone and that you do indeed find your way out.