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WITHIN TEMPTATION Share New Single ‘Entertain You’

Stand up, throw your fist high in the air and be ready to hold you ground together with Within Temptation’s brand new resistance anthem Entertain You.

Within Temptation 2020

With a direct and dramatic intro, Entertain You overflows with unapologetic confidence, making it clear what this song is about from the first seconds: standing your ground. Strongly encouraging to owning one’s self worth, thoughts and actions, this song has high potential of becoming your new get-battle-ready anthem, a befitting soundtrack for a hero raising from the ashes and rebelling against the oppressing status quo with his/her clenched fist. With this track Within Temptation are further exploring their ongoing appropriation of novel sonic effects paired with modern lyricism and slightly pop/alternative vocals. While this might further disappoint the long term fans demanding WT return to their roots, this tune is certainly a strong one on its own, representative of the band’s current musical trajectory and whose very existence support its message: “I’m not here to entertain you. Just walk away or face the showdown.”

Speaking of the new release, frontwoman Sharon den Adel comments:

We often cannot and do not want to see the consequences of our urge to satisfy our personal needs. To justify or simply avoid the misery we inflict on others, we simply look the other way or start pointing fingers. We should look into the mirror more often and start questioning our own beliefs. We should try to understand not only ourselves but also, and most importantly, the others and the world around us. It’s not the easiest way, but it’s certainly one that brings us further in this individualistic society.