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INTERSTATE Take Us ‘Way Out West’ in New Single

In a world full of love songs, pining songs, and sex songs, Interstate share the importance of friendship songs with their latest track, Way Out West.


As if predicting the future, Way Out West is a youthfully energetic track about making memories while you can, so that in moments like these you can remember the good times to get you through. The funky guitar riff played is woven throughout the track drawing you in and keeping you there. Listen to Interstate’s calming indie vocals with your eyes closed to be transported into a world of nostalgia – wearing wellies in the mud as the sounds of your favourite band surrounds you. In that sense, Way Out West is like a woolly jumper waiting to hug you and raise the serotonin levels in your brain, welcoming you back to fond memories.

Speaking on the track, the band explained:

Written after a weekend at the Swedish festival Way Out West this song is about everything we cherish. It’s about friendship and how the highs of being together and the memories we create make those moments when we are apart so much better and a little easier. This resonates now more than ever, because for the time being at least, those memories are all we have.