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KID RYAN Debuts Enchanting First Single ‘losing you’

Handsomely raw vocals, chilled out tracking, and poignant lyrics make losing you a captivating debut from Britain’s newest melodic pop prince, kid ryan.

kid ryan - losing you 2020

If you like Shawn Mendes, RUEL, or Conan Grey, do yourself a favour and listen to losing you. With silky smooth and dangerously sweet vocals, there’s no doubt kid ryan will charm you. Though it is a heartbreaking track about a relationship falling apart slowly but surely, listening to losing you is that 5 o’clock feeling personified. You can feel the sunshine streaming through the window, bathing everything in a warm, yellow light; everything feels calm. It’s this softness paired with bursts of boldness and dazzling falsetto that leaves you desperate for more. Thankfully, it doesn’t seem like we will be losing kid ryan anytime soon.

When asked about losing you, kid ryan explained:

‘Losing you’ is a song that I didn’t fully understand until I lost someone, it’s weird, writing a song before knowing what it means, but I’m just letting the music lead the way. I feel so blessed that I can share emotions directly from my bedroom onto a world stage. As a lover of music, I wished I shared this experience with my favourite artists growing up, but I’m so happy to be able to share this experience with my fans today.