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JORDANA Shares Her Musings With ‘I’ll Take It Boring’

Don’t let the title of the track deceive you; the track and Jordana is anything but boring.

Jordana 2020

Kansas-dwelling musician Jordana takes you on an illusive journey with her newest single I’ll Take It Boring, as she reminisces on a party she wished she didn’t attend. For all of the introverts of the world, the relatable subject matter in itself is sufficient to make you want to blast the track on repeat, but if that somehow doesn’t do the job, then the fuzzy guitars and hazy synths will do. With a layer of docile vocals that convey a sense of childish innocence and playful youthfulness, I’ll Take It Boring sweeps you into an enchanting escape with its beguiling melodies, but you’ll never float too far as the anxiety-tinged lyricism keeps you rooted to reality.

Jordana explains:

‘I’ll Take It Boring’ is a song about my experience at a Halloween party which I regretted attending. It’s a song for all the introverts out there, for all the people who feel like blowing off their weekend plans and staying home.