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MAUDE LATOUR Unveils Video for Playful New Single ‘Furniture’

Dive into the colourful world of Maude Latour with her bubbly new single Furniture.

Maude Latour 2020

Following the release of her debut EP Starsick last year, Maude Latour returns with a vibrant post breakup anthem, Furniture.

An ode to new beginnings, Furniture is a multi-layered alt-pop banger that’s sure to set hearts racing and feet pounding. Effervescent guitars, rolling drums and fluttering electronics lie at the core of the track, creating a bouncy soundscape that mirrors the emotional inner turmoil that comes with heartbreak. Topped with magnetic vocals and tongue-in-cheek lyrics, the chorus brings a change in the dynamics with its delicate, swaying melodies, adding allure to the fascinating track.

Speaking on the new track, Maude shares:

This song actually saved me. I didn’t think my heart could actually break, but it turns out I’m human like everyone else. I wrote this song at the lowest moment of my break-up, and the power and healing I had after creating it started me on a road to finding myself again.

But the song became itself when it became the anthem that I needed. I remember waiting outside on a cold November morning to accidentally run into my ex. I was blasting this song, and suddenly I felt invincible. He and I had a conversation, we both cried, and he started to walk away. I was sitting on the steps to the library at Columbia University, watching him look back once more. But for the first time I wasn’t crushed as he walked away. I had a secret. I had this song. I put my headphones in and laid down on the concrete stairs. I started blasting the song and crying and laughing at the same time. This song was my healing, this was me. I hadn’t lost myself. Here I was, writing my world, writing my existence into the history of humanity, nothing was lost, nothing was in vain. This song hasn’t lost any of its power to me.

Directed by Maude herself, the accompanying video is a playful depicton of the story captured within the song, chronicling Maude’s personal drama before she learns to let go of the past. Featuring friends from Columbia, it adds even more fun to her music.

On the creation of the video, Maude adds:

The ‘Furniture’ video is my wonderful little secret joy. Created by my incredible and talented friend Fergus Campbell, we made something come to life. This all takes place in my dorm, with my suitemates, the kids who live on my floor, with a $0 budget. Of course – that’s how I want all my videos. My real life. Nothing else.

The colors, the anger, the symmetry, the vignettes, that’s everything. Everyone’s reading my philosophy books from my shelf (read the titles, they all have some meaning). The hand sanitizer, my friends’ relationship, my friends who are mentioned in the songs, my ex’s friends (such troopers for participating, respect). The coolest thing is that everyone is playing themself. I will never be able to separate the joy of making this video from the video itself. It is a perfect capture of this feeling, the fury, the closure that making art really is, of melting, of my dorm, college, of true happiness. A little box of nostalgia. That’s what all this is for anyway, right?