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SOMEGIRLNAMEDANNA Shares Visuals for ‘kitchen table’

Bathed in a retro glow, somegirlnamedanna has unveiled homemade video for her heartfelt new track kitchen table.

somegirlnamedanna 2020

Nostalgic and delicate, kitchen table is a follow-up to her debut single, hello i am, released earlier this year.

With a knack for poignant storytelling, somegirlnamedanna effortlessly conjures up vivid images of the family gatherings through the dreamy sonic of kitchen table. The feelings of warmth and hurt interweave in a graceful manner, as an acoustic guitar and her wistful vocals shine and bloom with every note. There’s an airy electro tinge to the song, a subtle addition to the emotionally raw story. Musing over the past can bring joy or sadness, or both, but luckily, we’ve got music to help us remember the good times as well as get through the bad ones.

Captured at her childhood home in Minnesota using a VHS camcorder, the accompanying visuals ooze with a vintage aesthetic feel and add an intimate touch to the narrative.

Sharing more about the story behind the song, somegirlnamedanna explains:

The kitchen table growing up is where so many important moments happened—talking with my family about anything from how my day was to some of the most defining moments of my life. The sense of connection and support I needed all happened when we were sitting there together. For me, that kitchen table reminds me of the people I love and where I came from, and it holds so many memories that I look back on.

We originally had an entirely different treatment for the music video, but when the pandemic hit I drove home to Minnesota and had to find a way to create something just as special while social distancing at home. We got ahold of a ton of old home video footage and my brother and I decided to shoot the music video on the same VHS camcorder to capture the same nostalgic feel. I wanted the video to honor all of the memories I had from growing up, so I ran in the fields like I was a kid again and kissed my horse’s nose like I did when I was little.