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THE PRETTY RECKLESS Share New Single ‘Death By Rock And Roll’

The Pretty Reckless rise from the ashes with a galvanising banger in their unique and instantly recognisable good old classic rock and roll style.

The Pretty Reckless 2020

Death By Rock And Roll is the first taste of new music from the group since their 2016’s Who You Selling For.

Needing no introduction, Taylor Momsen (quite literally) steps right into the song and starts rocking out, instantly catching your attention and making you feel like you’re in the middle of a live gig set. The song constantly builds up the energy with every character’s victorious way of passing away. Yes, you read right: victorious instead of pitiful, as in this song The Pretty Reckless revamp the idea of death and turn it from an unfortunate and accidental tragedy into a conscious and assertive choice.

Speaking of the new track, Taylor shares:

In a lot of ways, this new album feels like a rebirth and our first single, ‘Death by Rock And Roll,’ represents that salvation that my favorite music brings me. Rock is freedom and this song is about living life the way you want, and now that belongs to everyone who listens.