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STARWOLF Release Steamy Single ‘Real Love’

With funky synths and a strong, rhythmic bassline, Starwolf’s newest release, Real Love, is as sensual as it is groovy. 

Starwolf 2020

Channelling their inner Marvin Gaye, Real Love is the second single off Starwolf’s forthcoming EP due out this year. The steamy love song is in stark contrast to today’s dating culture. Smooth vocals guide the tempo over the retro synths and bold, digitized bassline. Seemingly out of nowhere Starwolf introduce a groovy sax solo performed by Austin Cebulske.

The surprising solo didn’t stop there, with Starwolf revealing whom they aimed for originally:

We were initially in talks with Bill Clinton’s team for him to record the saxophone solo in this song, but sadly he couldn’t fit it into his schedule at the time.

The song was delightfully flavourful up until that point, but the lively saxophone takes Real Love to another level. It moves it from a cool, synth love song to a seriously sexy bedroom jive. Ending with a gradual fade-out, Real Love leaves you feeling warm, fuzzy, and full of love – or maybe that’s just the pheromones talking.

Starwolf commented on Real Love:

In today’s online dating/hookup culture, we wanted to write a song about how real love still exists. The song was co-produced and mixed by Jason Kingsland (Washed Out, Deerhunter, Band of Horses).