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BECOMING YOUNG Release New Single ‘The Night I Met You’

Bringing to life the proverbial butterflies associated with the start of a new relationship or crush, Becoming Young spins summer gold with his bright and playful single The Night I Met You.

Becoming Young 2020

With twinkling, upbeat synths and sumptuous vocals, Becoming Young’s The Night I Met You has all the pieces of a bonified summer anthem. With the help of expert Sony/BMG producer, Austin Shawn, you can catch the subtle evolution of the song as it builds. Little by little instruments, sounds, and beats are added until you reach the chorus where it all bursts into lively technicolour. In the second half of the song, snare drums layer over the original drum pad beat adding further depth. The playfulness of the entire composition couples vibrantly with his caramelly thick and sweet vocals. A catchy hook in an already outrageously bold and upbeat chorus means that The Night I Met You is a tune that will leave you humming it hours after listening.

Regarding the release of The Night I Met You, Becoming Young’s Brandon Calano said:

I loved writing and recording this song because it’s nothing but positive vibes. Since touring isn’t an option, I’m stoked to release an upbeat, feel-good song—we could all use a smile right now.

The Night I Met You is the second single off Calano’s quarantine project, Feeling Single, due out in June. His official full-length The Songs I Wrote You is set for release in November, but expect a new single from Becoming Young every month until then.