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WILL JOSEPH COOK Shares Video for New Single ‘Driverless Cars’

Will Joseph Cook debuts a relaxing and reflective new single, Driverless Cars, off his forthcoming sophomore album.

Will Joseph Cook 2020

Undoubtedly one of the UK’s brightest young talents, the Kent indie bop maker had an early adulthood that we would all dream of – performing at Glastonbury at only 18 years of age, a highly acclaimed debut album release, three equally successful EPs and countless of shows are only a few examples. After taking some time off to travel, Will Joseph Cook is now ready to slowly unveil his sophomore album with his newest airy single Driverless Cars, following previous singles The Dragon and Hey Brother, released last year.

The mellow yet groovy sonic is a little glimpse into Will’s impressive lyrical mind regarding the realisation of life’s uncertainty and lack of control, as he confesses ‘I don’t know what I want / So I walk into the dark / I feel like one of those things / Those driverless cars.’ The accompanying vintage fisheye effect visual directed by Bad Hotel focuses on Will having a good time with his friends in parks, around traffic lights and surrounded by endless Driverless Cars.

Reflecting on the newest track and its visual, Will explains:

‘Driverless Cars’ was a very dumb, literal way of trying to express a lack of control and clear direction in my life. Surrendering to the fact that a lot of what happens to us is out of our control. For me at least, that was a really uncomfortable and difficult thing to process. 

I wrote ‘Driverless Cars’ after a late night walk, the title lyric kind of just popped out when I was singing the melody. It made me laugh because it was such a contemporary way of describing a very contemporary feeling. Plus, it has a ‘trying to be deep’ stoner energy to it which is always entertaining, I wanted to reflect that in the video. 

The video follows an unpredictably surreal night with friends, dodging interactions with an ominous beast. He represented the anxiety that uncertainty can bring, but it’s all good because we never let him join the party. It was also a perfect excuse to finally buy the tiny car of my dreams.