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MOYKA Reveals New Single ‘Violet’

Moyka cherishes the happy memories of a past love in her electric pop-infused single Violet, off her upcoming sophomore EP Spaces.

Moyka 2020

The ‘Norwegian Pop Witch’, as the gifted 23-year-old piquantly describes herself, seems to be on an unstoppable steady road in the synth pop scene since the release of her debut EP Circles last year. Pondering on the struggle to move forward in her previous singles Spaces and Backwards, Moyka finds herself stronger than ever as she reflects on the positive note to a breakup story by cherishing the ‘lessons learned’ and the happy memories that came out of it.

“It’s just emotion and it’s okay to still have good feelings about someone – good energy and emotion”, says Moyka. The third single to be taken from her forthcoming sophomore EP Spaces, set to be released in June, is a Sigrid-esque soundscape holding an entrancing funky yet minimal electro synth intro that finds its climax in the second chorus, underlying Moyka’s blooming and engaging vocals.

Speaking of Violet, Moyka explains:

‘Violet’ is a song about looking back at a lost love with new eyes. It’s about the heartbreak of it, but also about the realisation that you can let all the hurt and everything that held you down go. “Suddenly I feel free”.