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EP Review // SAME SIDE ‘Same Side’

Although it is only five tracks long, the new project from Kevin Geyer (The Story So Far, Elder Brother) is threaded with optimism.


Same Side 2020

Sonically, these are the tracks you’d find yourself listening to in mid-afternoon at a music festival while sitting in a field, the sun warming your arms and neck. You feel at peace. Same Side allows you to close your eyes and think of better days that are yet to come.

While all of the tracks on the EP are relatively mellow and fall into a shoegaze acoustic sound, Stuck In A Hole channels something slightly more pop. The rich fingerpicking builds into a robust yet soothing ball of sound, with tepid drums and atmospheric tones. Like most of the songs on the EP, it is contemplative with lyrics like “Fall into old ways / Made the same mistakes.”

Although not intentionally tied, The Way It Seems, Same Side, and Fall Back In Again share commonalities in their themes. While they all consider relationships that you keep coming back to ending for good, Stuck In A Hole also strikes those similar chords despite being about addictions rather than human relationships.

Geyer’s vocals are ghostly and airy on the more psychedelic Fall Back In Again. The lyrics provide a clear reminder: “The loneliness will linger now and then / Don’t fall back in again.” The title track and inspiration for the project, Same Side has a similar feel and features one of the emotive guitar solos included on the EP. The Way It Seems and Smoke also feature solos that are moody and mellow, fitting snuggly in the melancholic optimism.

If you’re only going to listen to one or two songs on this EP give your attention to Fall Back In Again or Same Side. There is a lot of unity across the 20 minutes of play, but these two tracks feel more defined and striking. They do not feel wrapped in gauze like Smoke and Geyer’s vocals are particularly poignant.

If you like lush, acoustic daydreams, you’ll surely enjoy the Same Side EP. It is a moving piece of work that further proves that Kevin Geyer is not a one-trick pony.