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HI FRISCO Share Glittering New Single ‘Gold’

The new single from Hi Frisco is sure to sweep you off your feet with its gargantuan sound and pulsating energy.

Hi Frisco 2020

East London-based duo Hi Frisco have cranked up the heat with their latest offering, Gold. Coming in with immense synths and pounding drums, it blazes a fiery upward trajectory for the duo and hints at exciting times ahead. Fusing psychedelic guitars and an incendiary attitude, the track is charged with barrels of energy that is sure to leave you basking in its confidence and swaggering attitude.

The band explains:

Initially, ‘Gold’ was way out of character from the songs we’d been writing. The main thing we wanted to avoid in taking it forward was making it too overtly rock. We wanted it to be more weird/blown out, than heavy. Henry says that lyrically, the song is a lament about trying and being knocked back, by myself and my own insecurities. The chorus line ‘as pure as snow, as strong as gold’ is having that innocent blind ambition to make it all work out somehow, the seeming invincibility of youth, and unwavering drive which I always struggled with. For me, it’s a song of aspiration.