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JONAH Share Their Journey With You in ‘Ocean Wide’

A tender offering that tells the backstory of indie dream-pop duo JONAH, Ocean Wide reminds us of the importance of seemingly fleeting moments in life.

JONAH 2020Sometimes, five minutes is all it takes to change your life. A seemingly insignificant, brief period of time can shift the whole trajectory of your future and drastically affect the way that your life will play out. That was the case for indie dream-pop duo JONAH, who just missed their flight by five minutes and ended up stranded in California for a month, during which their tender new offering Ocean Wide was born. The gripping feelings of nostalgia and longing pierce through the track through the yearning lyricism, in a simple yet beautiful approach. Gently strumming guitars accompany feather-light vocals with a touch so careful, it’s as if you are treading on eggshells.

The video accompanying the track sees the duo working with award-winning South African filmmaker Jason Hearn, and features professional surfer Ricky Basnett and his journey back to surfing after eight years of alcoholism. Deeply intimate in its narrative, the immersive video evokes powerful emotions in its beautiful storytelling and it would be difficult not to feel inspired after watching it. Sharing more about this, Jason speaks from his perspective of the collaboration:

It has been great to repackage the story of my friend Ricky Basnett into a shorter format. The story has helped so many people and to see it now being reborn into a music video with an amazing song, we hope that more people will be inspired to turn around their lives for the better.