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CREATURE COMFORT Unveil New Single ‘Arcade Fire’

Nashville’s indie-rock five piece Creature Comfort further tease their upcoming album Hometeam with their dynamic new single Arcade Fire.

Creature Comfort 2020

Following their previous single Heartstrings, the self-proclaimed “bootgaze” outfit from Tennessee, Creature Comfort have released yet another fire-y single, building up to the release of their LP Hometeam, with the date yet to be announced.

The track’s title was evidently inspired by the Canadian rock band Arcade Fire who unexpectedly released their single named Creature Comfort on the same day Clark and his bandmates performed at Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in 2017. The anthemic single is an infectious, electric guitar-driven soundscape that breaks into a stellar bridge worth waiting around two and a half minutes to witness. Behind the rhythmic drums and commanding vocals underlies a story of a two-sided dialogue following a friend’s marriage collapse.

Speaking of Arcade Fire, lead vocalist and guitarist Jessey Clark explains:

I value the truth a lot and I was trying to channel how he must be feeling. These kinds of situations can make you wonder… who’s telling the truth? Whose side of the story is closest to reality?