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CHAPEL Share Endearing New Single ‘Mushy Gushy’

This one goes out to the people who have made you feel like you were melting into the ground and like you were floating on a loved-up cloud nine.

Chapel 2020

Atlanta duo Chapel embody the smitten, inner romantic that lives in all of us with their corny new single Mushy Gushy. They capture the feeling of floating on cloud nine in sonic form, through timeless-sounding synths and ardent saxophone lines. It’s a track that is unafraid of loud declarations of love, and completely gives in to the overpowering exultance of romance and submits to its sweet dominance.

The accompanying animated video for the track is fittingly charming, as it sees the duo in the honeymoon phase of budding friendship with an imaginary animated character. Animated by Peter Ferris Rosati, the characters get to know each other through drinking wine, eating together, and working out amongst a few other small pleasures of life via technology before they are able to meet.

Vocalist, guitarist, and keyboard player Carter Hardin explains:

‘Mushy Gushy’ is a song that celebrates the honeymoon phase of a new relationship. A time where logic is out the window and emotions take control.