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JAMES DEACON Stuns on New Single ‘Rain On Me’

James Deacon’s latest song, Rain On Me, is an unmissable power anthem, with bold, resounding instrumentation and confident, charismatic vocals from the South African artist.

James Deacon 2020

In the alt-pop world, it is easy for songs and voices to blend together. Enter James Deacon and his latest track Rain On Me. With its powerful blend of plucky guitar riffs, bold vocals, and subtle synths, Deacon’s track is easily a stand-out single of 2020. Written during a particularly heavy time in his life when it felt like he was getting knocked down time and again, Deacon’s emotion and strength shine as he bellows the title. As you near the end of Rain On Me, there is a clever sonic shift in the effect of a radio tuning to a different station. It’s clean, crisp, and pulls you right back into the song. This prolonged bridge builds back into the demanding “Let it rain on me” chorus, but with an added synthesizer riff in the background, transforming it into a dazzling finale. His voice and musical stylings draw comparisons to Britain’s Rag’n’Bone Man and Ireland’s Hozier, but James Deacon is very much in a league of his own.

When asked about the lyrical content of Rain On Me, Deacon exclaimed:

The lyrics are about being in a fight because it felt like the universe was beating me up and raining punches down on me. I reference not being able to speak or make any sounds at all for three weeks post-surgery, which nearly drove me insane!

Rain On Me features on James Deacon’s second EP Renegade which will be released everywhere on June 12th.