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GRIFF Unveils New Single ‘Forgive Myself’

Forgive Myself is yet another exciting sneak peek of the new face of British pop.

Griff 2020

The spiritually intimate, new track reverses the heartbreak narrative as Griff sings about the relationship you have with yourself: the doubts, insecurities, and questioning of your own self-worth. Forgive Myself uses sonic ques of R&B and soul, but still expresses an electronic-pop ballad.

Speaking of the track, Griff shares:

I think I find it easy to be quite hard on myself when it comes to making decisions and trusting people. So this song was just about cutting myself some slack and forgiving myself for past relationships that maybe didn’t end in the way I thought they would.

Griff is a complete package deal of talent – singer, producer, songwriter, student, designer, visual creator, and creative director. Her well-versed work ethic and creative curiosity is only a fraction of the qualities she possesses.

And from her evolved early releases to her signature ponytail, Griff has dove into the highs and lows of young adulthood – Mirror Talk addresses her generation’s issues with self-perception; Good Stuff is a thoughtful piano-ballad while describing the separation from foster children. And on Forgive Myself, it’s Griff’s fearlessness with her style that brings the new evolved bedroom-pop jam to a worldly stage.