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BAXTR Debut Uplifting Single ‘Bloom’

Marking their debut strongly, BAXTR radiate positivity in their summery, guitar-pop hit, Bloom.

BAXTR 2020

As a band that strives to be a force for joy and empowerment, it should come as no surprise that Bloom is bright and buoyant. A positive, uplifting refrain supports an infectious and empowering hook: “I wanna see you bloom.” Tinges of another indie trio, HAIM, blend with the danceability of eighties guitar pop, debuting BAXTR’s spirited and cheerful performance. The vocal control heard in every higher octave note on Bloom is also a noticeable asset to this summer smash. An energetic beat and summery guitars tie everything together, making for a spirited debut from the British trio, BAXTR.

Describing their debut song, BAXTR said:

[Bloom is] inspired by the indomitable nature of a young female intern, is an ode to anyone who ever doubted themselves; anyone who ever had “something to say, something to do”; anyone who is about to ‘Bloom’.