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BOY PABLO Shares Endearing Video for ‘hey girl’

Channelling humour, romance, and nostalgia all at once, Boy Pablo makes it impossible not to fall in love with his newest video for hey girl.

Boy Pablo hey girl 2020

Voice-overs, teenage rivalry, and riding off into the sunset with newfound crushes; the premise for Boy Pablo’s new video for hey girl sounds like the perfect check-sheet for your typical rom-com, and it is precisely this that makes the visual so irresistible. The video sets the scene for Boy Pablo’s upcoming debut album, Wachito Rico, which is set for release on October 23rd. It presents Boy Pablo as Wachito Rico himself, and follows his venture into a burgeoning romance as he overcomes his football rival to impress his long-time crush, before the pair share a motorcycle ride home. If the cheesy plot line falls just short of your endearment, then the swooning guitars and dreamy vocals will be sure to sweep in to captivate your heart.

Boy Pablo shares that the idea for the music video came to him when watching a few too many movies over quarantine. He divulges:

After a lot of bouncing ideas back and forth we wanted to create a narrative of Wachito Rico’s love life, and it was natural to start with ‘hey girl’ as the first chapter of his love life. I can’t wait to show you the rest of the world we have created for this new album and character.

Director Eivind Landsvik comments:

This was one of the most rewarding and collaborative music video processes I’ve been involved with. Boy Pablo already had a universe that felt unpretentious yet really rich and layered: it seemed like the perfect opportunity to inject some of my own obsessions and make a timeless story about first love.