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FULL COLOUR Share Driving New Single ‘Butterfly Brain’

Taking over with soaring melodies and pulsating rhythms, Full Colour stun with sophomore single Butterfly Brain.

Full Colour 2020

The UK has no shortage of fresh talent, but rising indie/alt band Full Colour push this to a next level as the teenage group stuns with their second ever single Butterfly Brain. Exhibiting a musical maturity well beyond their physical age, the searing guitars and emotion-laden vocals on the track hint at an abundance of life experiences and wisdom that one would not normally expect from 16-18 year olds, yet Full Colour carry themselves with such confidence and conviction that you cannot help but be sold by their message. The band shares the single alongside details of their debut EP, Times Change, which will be released on August 21st.

Frontman Conrad Berriff elaborates on the track:

‘Butterfly Brain’ was one of those songs that seemingly just writes itself. It began with Alex (guitar) sending me the main guitar riff and I knew immediately what it was going to be about: love, loss, the aftermath of all of that. The idea of putting this person you have feelings for up on a pedestal whilst denouncing yourself unwarrantedly. It’s a lot of questions and not really a lot of answers.