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STATE CHAMPS Launch Debut Single From ‘State Champs Unplugged’

State Champs have always released exceptional acoustic songs and Crying Out Loud, the first off their forthcoming State Champs Unplugged EP, is their best yet.

State Champs 2020

Debuting during their 10-Year Anniversary live stream on Monday (22nd June) night, the energy, albeit subdued, and lyricism on Crying Out Loud captures the Champs spirit of old. As a melancholic breakup song drenched in upbeat acoustics it has a punchy hook that is accentuated by Derek DiScanio’s standout vocals. Dainty piano notes quietly complement the melody and crisp chords. Rounding it off, a calmed down repeat of the refrain serves to draw you even deeper into the emotions of Crying Out Loud before rocket launching you into the final, energetic blow. Joined by a masterfully created stop motion music video by Callum Scott-Dyson, Crying Out Loud will have you doing just that.

Vocalist, Derek DiScanio shared:

‘Crying Out Loud’ took us the longest to get to a place where we truly felt excited about the song. Once we got there, we knew this emotionally heavy, yet upbeat tune about breakup, loneliness, and moving on would be a solid single.

Crying Out Loud is the first single released from State Champs Unplugged, due out on August 14th via their long-time label, Pure Noise Records. Fans and new listeners should be excited because unlike their last acoustic EP, The Acoustic Things, this is an EP comprised of mostly new songs and two remixes from their 2018 release, Living Proof.

DiScanio added:

The Unplugged EP is special for us for many reasons, one main reason being the writing process. We feel like we really went back to our roots, you know, just the band, in a room with an acoustic guitar, writing songs and having fun. We tend to execute our best material in an environment that is stress free and organic. Our fans have been asking for new acoustic, stripped down material for quite some time, we’re happy to say it’s here.

State Champs Unplugged 2020


A Thousand Hearts

The Recipe

10 AM

Crying Out Loud


Dead and Gone