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JESS CHALKER Releases Vibrant New Single ‘West Hollywood’

Jess Chalker’s effervescent spirit stands centre stage in her new single, West Hollywood – an ode to Los Angeles and wanderlust. 

Jess Chalker 2020

With a voice that is rich and carries a softly Celtic lilt at times, Jess Chalker commands the room with her single, West Hollywood. Her oft-lauded lyricism paints a golden light over her love affair with Los Angeles, bringing the palm trees, beaches, and open roads to life. The summery synths and retro guitars blur the lines between nostalgia and modernity in a bright and resoundingly positive manner. Throw in a vivacious chorus that makes you want to slap on a pair of bright red, heart-shaped sunglasses and strut down the pavement, and West Hollywood marks a triumphant return for Jess Chalker.

On the track, Chalker elaborated:

I guess it’s kind of a long-distance love song about my partner, who I was missing when I was spending a lot of time in LA, working as a songwriter… but it also feels equally like a love song for LA, and how much I miss it when I’m away.