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TOMMY ASHBY Releases New Single ‘Blood Wolf Moon’

Heavenly and introspective, Blood Wolf Moon is an ode to all the wallflowers out there.

Blood Wolf Moon is the second single to be released from Tommy Ashby’s fourth EP, Everywhere Is Home, set for release this Summer.

With a gentle plucky guitar introducing us to the elegant indie folk sound of Blood Wolf Moon, it doesn’t take long until you fall head over heels for Tommy Ashby. Having enlisted his father’s help on double bass and added the delicate ethereal backing vocal of his girlfriend, Tommy effortlessly shapes a wistful and spellbinding narrative. Dulcet vocals glide over the graceful organic instrumentation to create a serene and warm sonic embrace. Exploring the feeling of falling in love from an introvert’s perspective, there’s an intimate quality to the lyricism that is sure to pull at your heartstrings.

Speaking of the new single, Tommy shares:

When I was growing-up I was a wallflower. Parties would pin me to a wall and leave me there for the night. I was left wondering how a shy person ever actually meets someone. The internal monologue left running on those nights was so awkward.

I wanted to show how much of falling in love can be done long before two people actually have a conversation. Seeing someone and watching how they act around their friends, the tiny interactions and glances; I think introverts notice more of this stuff because they spend so much time observing. And how much more gravity things can have when they take time to unfold.

Queen Street is the road next to my house in my hometown (Innerleithen). Growing up, I used to walk back from the river late at night and see the moon hanging low in the sky as I turned into my house. It always struck me as kind of magical.