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BREVIN KIM Share Two New Tracks ‘i need water’ & ‘he doesn’t love her’

Boston duo Brevin Kim serve us a double dose of their multi-dimensional sound with i need water & he doesn’t love her.

Brevin Kim 2020

A duo of blood brothers (Cal and Bren Paulhus), Brevin Kim treat us to their first new material of 2020 as they offer an intriguing double release, i need water / he doesn’t love her.

Synthesizing their own brand of genre-less music, Brevin Kim ambitiously continue to push their boundaries and bend the rules with their new tracks. With influences ranging from alt-rock, grunge, and electro-pop, they effortlessly create unique soundscapes that are sure to tug at your heartstrings and send shivers down your spine. The electro-heavy i need water sets an intense and deep tone with its eerie electronics and robotic vocals, as it mirrors the burden of having negative thoughts, whilst he doesn’t love her is a synth-infused slow-burner that reminds us about the unsteadiness of feelings. Gearing up for the release of their upcoming album later this year, we can expect more surprises from Brevin Kim in the near future.

Speaking of i need water, Cal shares:

‘i need water’ was kind of like a brain dump where I just let out exactly what I was feeling in that moment. It’s basically a metaphor for needing to rid my mind of negative thoughts. Water is the cure. Sometimes, I’ll randomly be reminded of the fact that I’m going to die one day, we all are, it’s inevitable, and that gives me this weird crippling stress that lasts for like 40 seconds, and it burns. This is about being all over the place, mentally, wondering if we actually matter, and searching for a way to delete those thoughts.

On he doesn’t love her Bren explains:

The track is about the polarization of a relationship. It’s the embodiment of “you don’t know what you got til it’s gone.” One day you could be head over heels for someone and the next you want nothing to do with them. Moods can change in minutes. Feelings don’t always stay the same. It’s the scary reality that love isn’t always equal. I believe some of the best songs write themselves in a way and this one just oozed out of me.