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HAZLETT Wows With New Single ‘Karaoke’

Living to find beauty in the banalities of life, Hazlett has succeeded in doing just that with his latest release, Karaoke – spinning a peppy acoustic tune about friendship from a single night.

hazlett 2020

Karaoke is a song for late nights and laughter, lounging with friends and making memories. Through the use of deft acoustics and gentle percussion, Brisbane-born-Stockholm-based Hazlett brings to life a magical night in NYC involving Lindsay Lohan that gets out of hand, detailing the importance of friendship. His vocals are warm and inviting, bringing the perfect energy and sweetness to the track. Subtle synths interspersed throughout add dimension, but even without them, Karaoke is full-bodied and vibrant.

Describing the track and its significance, Hazlett detailed:

[‘Karaoke’ is about being there when your friends need you] when that happens I have a paternal instinct that kicks in, I get a one track mind for making sure nothing happens to my friends.

Karaoke is one of five fantastic songs ranging from acoustic numbers to pop perfection off Hazlett’s newest EP Thundering Hopes, which is out now.