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HOLLY HUMBERSTONE Shares Immersive Video for ‘Overkill’

Featuring home-shot footage, the video for Holly Humberstone’s newest single Overkill allows you to enter into her world and immerse yourself in an intimate perspective.

Holly Humberstone 2020

20-year-old Holly Humberstone has been one of 2020’s hotly tipped artists, and a few seconds into her new video for single Overkill easily reveals the reason for it. Combining dreamy vocals with a candid recounting of her personal thoughts, Holly addresses listeners as a trusted friend, sharing her innermost experiences. She delivers all of this in a haze-wrapped, delicate, indie-tinged sound that simultaneously shimmers with a pop sheen that draws upon the radio-friendly aspect of her sound.

The visuals for Overkill take the perspective of an observer that Holly is running towards, and complete with active camera work, it’s a visceral experience that draws upon your sense of sight to make you feel as though you are there next to Holly. Holly shares:

The video for ‘Overkill’ was a pretty weird experience. Lockdown meant that we couldn’t shoot a professional video, so we had to improvise a little!! My sister Eleri and I took an old VHS camera out at dusk into a forest near our home and she had me follow her through the trees, as I played along to ‘Overkill’. It was basically my version of the 5k run except I had no idea where I was going and it was impossible to see anything and not to trip!

Holly has two sold-out headline shows coming up at London’s OMEARA on November 5th and 6th.