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ELKO Releases Powerhouse Remix of ‘Drunk And Out Of Town’ With PHEM

Whatever box you want to put Egyptian-Canadian Elko into, the remix of his song Drunk And Out Of Town with LA-based phem proves that they are so much more than a label. 

Elko 2020

Sad-rap, outsider pop, trap, emo – Elko and phem demonstrate on Drunk And Out Of Town that they are well versed in all of it. Opening with distorted, emotive vocals from Elko over simplistic guitar, grungy, heavy beats and eye-popping synths quickly add to the mix. Over the detailed but erratic composition are hard-hitting lyrics, seeping with desperation and desire. The original version of Drunk And Out Of Town was a cry from Elko to a lover lost; with phem in the mix, it becomes a conversation, each artist complementing, building, and binding the other. The overall tone of the song is quite dark and morbid, and phem’s verse does not shy away from that with lines like “Babe I’m bleeding for you / Scars of tissue all on my wrists.” After opening with “I almost crashed / Driving and texting you / But I wish I crashed / Cuz life is so shit without you”, the ironic ending perfectly surmises the pain, anger, and heartbreak coursing through Drunk And Out Of Town. It may run less than two minutes, but Elko and phem pack a whole lot into this track making it a must listen.